Keep Calm & Pay Your Interns

Our Paid Internship Pledge December 2, 2016

It may seem like a myth, but many employers in Philadelphia offer paid internships to young professionals and students. In fact, 4x3 is a signatory to the AIGA Philadelphia Paid Internship Pledge, an initiative encouraging local employers to offer fair compensation to design students.

Shuchang Jin

4x3 Intern Shuchang Jin Doesn't Fetch Coffee June 21, 2016

We at 4x3 are proud of our internship program, which pays a stipend to talented college students and recent design school graduates at the same time it gives them valuable real-world experience. 

Katie Larsen

4x3 Welcomes Tyler Design Student Katie Larsen May 20, 2015

There’s a new college intern at 4x3. Last week we welcomed Katie Larsen, a rising senior at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, to our Ardmore office. Larsen, a graphic and interactive design student, hopes to land a job after college applying her design skills across print and digital platforms.

So, how'd your internship go? (Part 2)

So, how'd your internship go? (Part 2) September 22, 2014

So! Part two (Here's part one if you haven't read it yet)!

My internship started a week after school ended and I planned to stay until the week before school started. Four days a week, from 9 to 4. I didn't have any super big plans for summer so my goal was to focus on my personal creative work and learning as much as I can in the "real" design field. The night before my internship I was really excited. It was like the feeling you get before the first day of school...but it wasn't school. 

So, how'd your internship go? (Part 1)

So, how'd your internship go? (Part 1) September 15, 2014

This is a question that I've been getting a lot lately from family, friends and curious underclassmen. So! Here's my little blog post about my internship with 4x3 :) I have a lot I wanna talk about, so I'll be splitting this post into two parts. This part will be about how I found it, and next will be about the internship and what I've learned from it. 

Flashback to December 2013. I think the question in most, if not all, the junior design majors' minds was: "Where the heck am I going to get an internship???"

4x3 Summer Interns

4x3 Looking for Summer 2013 Interns January 7, 2013

4x3 is looking for Graphic Design majors with web design skills and Marketing or Journalism majors looking to learn more about social media and content development to fill part time internship positions in our Ardmore, PA office.

What I Learned Word Sketch

What I Learned at 4x3 August 1, 2012

The chart shows just a few of the many things I learned in the office. In the past few months I have also learned how to work as part of a design team and how to prepare for and take part in a meeting. Along with all of the things I have mentioned, I have also grown as a designer and as an individual. I had a wonderful experience and couldn't have asked for a better first internship.

4x3 is looking for interns

4x3 is now accepting resumes for summer internships April 5, 2012

We are looking for graphic design majors with web design skills, marketing or journalism majors looking to learn more abut social media and content development to fill part time internship positions in our Ardmore, PA office.

AIGA Philadelphia Paid Internship Pledge

4x3 supports the AIGA Philadelphia Paid Internship Pledge October 3, 2010

AIGA Philadelphia is making a concerted effort to support the ethical treatment of professional designers and students in the workplace. In an effort to achieve equitable practices, we are ceasing to post unpaid internships to our job site and urging our members to pledge compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.