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Chandler Center for the Arts Website

Chandler Arts Website on Laptop in Cafe

After extensive market research, we were putting a new marketing strategy in place that included a full rebrand and website. As a performing arts center, we wanted a site that would communicate our brand traits to our visitors right away - welcoming, innovative, contemporary. We wanted visitors to have a user-friendly experience on the front end, while having a back end that would lend to our digital marketing strategies with SEO. We couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Feedback on the site has been positive and staff feel comfortable and confident using the platform to create and edit content. It was wonderful to work with 4x3 from concept to live.

Cynde Cerf

Marketing and Communication Coordinator

Chandler Center for the Arts selected 4x3 to redesign their website to accommodate their content-rich database and upgrade their user-friendly web presence for visitors.

Chandler Center for the Arts presents the work of today’s most engaging artists, making visual and performing arts available to the entire community. Located at the core of the entertainment district, the Chandler Center for the Arts consists of three dynamic innovative performance spaces serving the diverse community of Chandler, Arizona. 

Dynamic Functionality of a Drupal CMS

4x3 delivered a full website rebuild in the Drupal content management system, creating a visually stunning, user-friendly website while implementing the new brand created by Cause Design.

The new website, programed with cutting edge modules and intelligent navigation tools, shows high-level frontend dynamic functionality and responsive design. The fully designed backend is easily managed by Chandler Center for the Arts staff.

Organizing a Content-Rich Website

We worked closely with Chandler Center for the Arts to create a detailed web structure to enhance navigation for users. This organization creates an easily-searchable database that cross-references upcoming events, youth programs, box office tickets and donations, allowing for advocacy and sustained visibility on all levels.

With clear fundraising pathways and well-integrated calls-to-action, the Chandler Center for the Arts website digitally connects their mission and vision to help them become a creative force and an educational resource for the community.

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