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Our Heads are in the Cloud

4x3 cloud technology

Cloud computing is what you think it is. It's the sharing of resources delivered over the Internet. Email is most commonly shared through the cloud. What I thought was cool is that the name, the cloud, comes from the cloud-shaped symbols used in those PC diagrams many of us know.

But aren't we all really in the cloud these days? We head out of the office with phone in hand. A phone yes, but with work email onboard so we can 'stay connected.' At 4x3, we are Web designers. Most Web designers don't really like Internet Explorer (IE) and Microsoft and all things related. Our process is to design a website, then reprogram it to work in IE. It's a pain. Honestly, the more in-depth the site, the more wonky things are when you view it in IE.

Office 365 in the Cloud

Recently though, we've looked into a Microsoft product that we really love. Go figure. It's called Office 365. We found the installation and the interface and the functionality to be awesome. It's easy to work with, easy to manage and it's set to take your communication to the next level. With Office 365, you truly are in the cloud. You can share calendars and contacts inside and outside your organization. Office 365 works on a PC, a Mac, in any web browser, on a Windows Phone, an iPhone, an Android and a BlackBerry. Very cool indeed. The built-in anti-malware and anti-spam filtering seems to really be doing the trick too.

Let 4x3 put you in the cloud. Contact Stephen Siano for more information.