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Usdan Website

Summer Camp for the Arts outside NYC

4x3 is an ideal partner. The first thing that stands out to us is their clear, organized, and comprehensive proposal/scope process - all of the components of the project were clearly outlined and determined before we ever started the work, and once the project was underway they carried everything out to a T. Everything was done on-time and on-budget, with progress and updates clearly communicated along the way. They took our vision and made it a reality. They also pivoted quickly and easily when our client had random requests throughout the process and got back to us quickly with questions and changes. We look forward to working with them again!

Joanna Simon

Producer, The Heads of State

Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts ignites each child’s artistic spirit in a fun, welcoming environment just outside of New York City. Usdan wanted to capture this diverse and playfully rigorous mindset in their new website.

Partnering with Heads of State, 4x3 helped create a super functional and user-friendly website that invites children and their parents to learn more about this educational summer camp.

Custom Drupal Modules and Responsive Design

By using cutting edge modules and intelligent navigation tools, we were able to enhance the functionality of this content-rich site while fully incorporating a responsive web design so it will look amazing on any device.

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We Love Our Clients for All They Do...

Introducing the Usdan Uniquely U Scholarship Search

We love our clients for all they do... like nurturing kids in the arts! Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts is kicking off their Uniquely U scholarship search to bring creativity and self-expression to deserving kids this summer.

4x3 and The Heads of State work together on Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts Website

Featured Design Partner: The Heads of State

4x3 partnered with The Heads of State on a web design project and proposal for our client, Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts. The professional relationship between the two studios has allowed for us to create a user-friendly, beautiful, and functional site. 

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