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W.S. Cumby Website

W.S. Cumby Fully Responsive Website, Homepage

W.S. Cumby worked alongside 4x3 to develop a company website that reflected our philosophy and put our projects on display. 4x3 delivered a functional and stylish website that surpassed our desires. They were responsive and enthusiastic every step of the way. We look forward to partnering with them for future ventures.

Lindsay Irvine

Marketing Associate

W.S. Cumby, a regional commercial construction services and building management firm, specializes in educational, religious, healthcare, commercial, multi-family residential and green building/LEED certified projects.

Web design, hosting and Drupal module updates

4x3 was commissioned to develop a site highlighting the company's work and commitment to quality and integrity. We also handle hosting and website maintenance as well as content management. 

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So, how'd your internship go? (Part 2)

So, how'd your internship go? (Part 2)

So! Part two (Here's part one if you haven't read it yet)!

My internship started a week after school ended and I planned to stay until the week before school started. Four days a week, from 9 to 4. I didn't have any super big plans for summer so my goal was to focus on my personal creative work and learning as much as I can in the "real" design field. The night before my internship I was really excited. It was like the feeling you get before the first day of school...but it wasn't school. 

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As the extent of the devastation unfolds after Superstorm Sandy hit our Atlantic coast shores, I'm reminded of lessons learned after Katrina hit New Orleans. There's already news and finger pointing about what should have been done and who should have done what.