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Trenton Stables Branding

Logo for new homes in fishtown

We now have 2229 under contract. I was wondering if you are able to put those bright orange 'Under Contract' signs on all three house that are sold. I really like the way they draw attention.
Also, I have received two more calls about the remaining unsold properties. I was told that they are a direct result of the website.

Sean and I really like to hear this. It validates what we both feel about 4x3.

Frank Mazzio

AGA Developers

AGA Developers, a builder of boutique residential and commercial properties in desirable Philadelphia neighborhoods, needed a distinct branding message for its latest Fishtown development, Trenton Stables. 4x3 consulted with AGA to create a logo, website, and associated marketing materials that communicate the unique history and character of the project. 

Business branding agency: logos and marketing materials 

4x3 created the overall brand identity for AGA Developers and designed the logo for AGA's Frankford Square development in Fishtown, as well as banners and signage.

AGA's Comprehensive Branding Architecture

AGA Developers, a boutique builder, has seen great success with high-end residential and commercial developments in fashionable Philadelphia neighborhoods. In addition to designing and building AGA Developer’s main website, 4x3 has created three micro sites, South Square, Frankford Square and Trenton Stables. We also created a branding identity for AGA, , sub-branding for South Square, sub-branding for Frankford Square and sub-branding for Trenton Stables.

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A brand is not just a name and a logo. When thoughtfully created, a brand's distinct value is reinforced in everything the company does stimulating performance in sales, marketing, and client retention.

AGA Branding Logos

AGA Developers: Branding Case Study

Beyond just a memorable logo, 4x3 has worked with AGA Developers to create a recognizable brand to increase the value of the company and make acquiring new customers easier.

AGA Developers

Welcome AGA Developers!

4x3 is proud to announce that AGA Developers has been added to our list of clients. We will be providing AGA Developers with a variety of services including website development and design as well as branding.

Branding, Logo Design

Logo Design and Branding

4x3 can help you with the design of your logo. 4x3's goal is to change the way your brand is perceived by creating a fresh look to increase your market presence.