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John Templeton Foundation Digital Annual Report

Templeton Foundation Annual Report

I trust 4x3 with my web development projects because of their commitment to being good partners, who are as invested in the creative vision as I am. My clients and I have been impressed by their expertise, but more importantly, their friendly attitude and flexibility, which is a rare combination... Rachel and Amy did a terrific job of balancing form and function to create a beautiful microsite that looks great while performing well on both mobile and desktop. They delivered a compelling digital narrative of the Foundation’s vision and grant making activity under an extremely tight timeline and demanding art direction. It’s great to partner with talented pros!

Rodd Whitney

Owner, Cause Design

The John Templeton Foundation explores the "big questions" surrounding science, spirituality and health. The Foundation was seeking a custom-created microsite for its 2015 annual report.

Custom microsite: design and development

Beginning with Templeton's print design aesthetic, 4x3 worked with design partner Rodd Whitney at Cause Design to create a microsite utilizing parallax scrolling, which brings a multidimensional, immersive experience to the website.

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4x3 and Cause Design partner up for The John Templeton Foundation

Featured Design Partner: Cause Design

4x3 partnered with Cause Design on a web design project and proposal for our client, The John Templeton Foundation. The professional relationship between the two studios has allowed for us to create a user-friendly, beautiful, and functional site that showcased the Templeton Foundation's annual report in a streamlined, beautiful way.