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Hawk Tackle Website

Hawk Tackle mobile homepage on iPhone

We enjoyed collaborating with Hawk Tackle, the site offered our client a solution for all of their needs: a custom responsive design and fully functioning shoping cart

Grace Rieck

Content Developer + Copywriter

4x3 has partnered with Hawk Tackle to create a custom e-commerce website. The site is easy to navigate, informative and pleasing to the eye. It also effectively promotes Hawk Tackle dummies and hit pads. 

Hawk Tackle provides instruction and equipment to help protect players from concussions with a football tackling method inspired by rugby.

Responsive E-Commerce Website

4x3 used Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform, to help create a online store for Hawk Tackle. By doing this, we integrated shopping cart functionality with the website, making a user-friendly experience for all customers. 

By creating a custom, multimedia website for Hawk Tackle, 4x3 integrated a responsive design to make it completely user-friendly. The responsive design also allows the content to look great on any size screen, from desktops to smartphones.

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I try not to be a pressure salesman, but it may be time to re-evaluate what our website is doing for us. Not just you our clients but 4x3 - our site - our focus - the future of our industry. In the past we have been offering mobile sites and responsive design as an option. And maybe we're just not selling the options hard enough. Maybe we're just not doing our job to make you understand what's happening and how very important is to keep up.