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OEM Processing Equipment - Responsive

The 4x3 staff did a fantastic job with the new website. The initial process was painless and the end result better than expected. The new website projects a professional image and provides constant product information to my existing and potential customers.

Owen McCarron


OEM Industrial, a manufacturer’s rep firm based in Wilmington, Del., required a “mircosite” separate from the main company website, conveying a unique message, branding and content for a targeted customer demographic. 4x3 worked with OEM to create a site, OEM Processing, focused on the food processing and storage market.

4x3 Service: Design, Coding, Content and Marketing

OEM’s design and coding experts create and maintain a custom website built on a fully-responsive Drupal 7 platform, while our content marketing specialists update the site weekly with industry news, product information and other material useful to OEM’s customers. 

4x3 also handles social media and other marketing needs for OEM Industrial, maintaining a full suite of services designed to make the company a go-to source for comprehensive industry information, as well as top of mind for partners and customers. 

Website and Logo Design

We also created a logo for OEM Processing, creating a distinct brand identity while drawing connections with the overall OEM Industrial brand message.

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