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NGS Associates Packaging

NGS Associates Announcements and Promotional Items

NGS Associates was looking for a unique marketing vehicle to promote our annual report and corporate brochure capabilities. The 3-D "some things missing" mailer effectively showcased our design capabilities and creative thinking, and opened the doors to quite a few new business opportunities for us.

Gregg Whitlock

Art DIrector, 4x3 LLC

NGS Associates, Inc. primarily operates in the Design for print media realm, working primarily within the Business Services sector. The agency has been operating for approximately 35 years—and has more recently evolved into the new entity 321 Creative, Inc.

Every year, NGS would create a self-promotional piece for their clients.

Annual Reports

NGS created a conceptual package directed to companies producing printed annual reports. Delivery included a themed brochure contained inside a custom-designed box of chocolate-covered cherries.

The follow-up pieces used wordplay to inform clients of NGS' move to Wayne, PA (“movingsoon”) and to invite clients to an open house (“happeningsoon”).

Holiday Cards

For the past few years, we have sent out holiday greetings to our clients including a message that we have made a donation in each of their names to a favorite charity.

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Unfold Your Message with Style and Clarity

Unfold Your Message with Style and Clarity

Design and aesthetics are as critical to the success of your brand’s printed materials as the message. From marketing brochures to event invitations, we work with you to add dimension to your vision — enabling you to attract a larger audience with outstanding print work.