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Meridian Bank Event Invitations

Meridian Bank Event Invitations on gray background

An event invitation is a unique opportunity to step outside the constraints of corporate graphic standards to create an event-unique experience. It's obvious to recipients when they receive an invitation that is not an “out-of-the-catalog” solution, but rather a custom treatment.

Mike Spangler

Art Director

Meridian Bank enjoys the opportunity to tempt invitees with unique invitations tied to the aesthetics of the particular event.

Our invitations for the annual BMW Championship golf outing and the Grand Opening of Meridian’s Philadelphia Office were designed with the purpose of visually previewing the atmosphere of the event. We try to create beautiful cards that recipients will even want to hang on the fridge!

One of our favorite type techniques is a reveal, where part of the message is seen on the front, and the remainder of the phrase is revealed upon opening the Z-fold configuration.

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