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Searching for the Big Blue Toy Monster

Big Blue Toy Monster

The thing about search engine optimization is ... if you are capable of sound reasoning that is ... it all makes perfect logical sense. 4x3 does it. We really do understand it.

I realize that makes it easier for us, but do not let anyone tell you it's rocket science. It is not.

Big Blue Toy Monster

Think of searching on Google just as you know searching on Google - nothing more. Don't over complicate it. Don't over think it. If you are searching for a "big blue toy monster" you want to get results that are all of big and blue and toy and monster. In turn, create your page to talk about big and blue and toy and monster. Nothing more, nothing less. Don't choke the page with keywords. Just write about the search phrase.

Getting to the Top of Google

I will say, you need to be leery of the "we'll put you at the top of Google" promotions. What the heck is the top of Google anyway?

I guarantee you that a week from now I will be at the top of Google for the phrase "big blue toy monster" -- guaranteed. I'll be at the top because I am creating a page that talks about big and blue and toy and monster and, if you think of it, who really talks about big blue toy monsters anyway? So no one talks about it, no one posts pages about it, so I'm feeling confident that I'll be "at the top of Google." There's lots of toy monsters, but there's less big blue ones. My title - an H1 tag - has big blue toy monster in it. I've added a sub-title - an H2 tag - with big blue toy monster in it. And I'm writing specifically about big and blue and toy and monster.

So the promotion will put you at the "top of Google" for some pay-per-click phrase that you pay for dearly or an organic phrase that is too long and unfocused from your objective. By the way, if you are selling big blue toy monsters -- watch out! I'm climbing the SEO mountain as you read.

Tagging, phrasing, focusing and submitting the Big Blue Toy Monster

So yes there is tagging and phrasing and focusing and submitting that helps get you to the top, but simply craft your content marketing message on your webpage to be specific and clear and focused and direct and you're more than half the way there.