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The Marketing Services ‘Land Grab’ — Who’s Staking a Claim?

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Content marketing is a growing business in the media world, so much so that lots of non-traditional players are getting into the game. Some corporations (Coke, Sun Life, Intuit) have made creating and distributing their own news-style content a big part of their marketing strategy, while others are happy to hire third parties to do it for them.   

The Content Marketing Game

It’s this desire to find new ways to integrate brands into people’s media experience that spells opportunity for digital content experts. Traditional media companies are jumping into the content marketing game, creating some controversy in the process as they try to negotiate the line between straight journalism and advertising. 

Marketing services in the digital era

Not surprisingly, marketing agencies are jumping in too. Both digital-era hotshots (e.g. Razorfish) and old industry players (e.g. Ogilvy) are staking their futures on this trend, believing they have to move beyond traditional advertising to stay relevant. New-style campaigns include creating lifestyle websites and blogs, social media campaigns, branded apps and other web tools (such as games) to gain audience participation and loyalty. 

What’s important in this brave new world of digital marketing? Data. Customization. Specialization. Clients expect marketers to be able to measure outcomes and adjust strategies based on what works. Some marketing teams specialize in one particular industry, such as health care, in order to provide content that really speaks to a target audience.

4x3: Content marketing services, design, SEO... 

There’s opportunity here for companies positioned to leverage existing editorial and design talents, or bring in marketing services as a “value add” for an existing client base. At 4x3, we’ve added content marketing services to our existing stable of custom design, SEO and programming expertise. It creates a “full service” package for clients who want to communicate the right message to the right people.