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Holiday Promotion, Zuckerberg Style

Mark Zuckerberg

With the holidays fast approaching, Facebook has some posting advice for businesses. 

Facebook offers seven tips for promotion, not surprisingly touting its money-making "boost" feature as the most important. But there are other options too. 

Facebook Promotion Tips

  1. Boost important posts to reach more people and new audiences. You set the amount you want to spend to promote your post, and Facebook does the rest. 
  2. Offer exclusive discounts and promotions, which Facebook naturally thinks you ought to boost. 
  3. Connect with images. The New Big Blue recommends high-quality photos of products or “lifestyle images of people interacting with them.” Keep descriptions short with calls to action. 
  4. Keep posts relevant and updated. Especially this time of year, when Halloween quickly gives way to Thanksgiving and so forth, and messages can go stale quick. 
  5. Be consistent. Consistency tells your audience what to expect from you. Don't sacrifice quality for frequency—posting more often will not help if the content is poor. 
  6. Target posts. Try posting with specific types of audience in mind. Facebook lets you do this when you click the “Settings” tab at the top of a business page, then turn on targeting & privacy control for posting. This gives you options each time you post to the page, such as gender, age, language and location targeting.
  7. Check your metrics. Facebook offers post performance metrics—click the “Insights” tab at the top to dive in.   

I found this useful and enlightening (especially the targeting feature, which I was not aware of). Hope you do, too. Oh, and in case we don't see you next week—Happy Thanksgiving from 4x3!