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4x3: A Great Place to Work

Working at 4x3

After two and a half years doing content marketing and Website copywriting at 4x3, I’m moving on next week to a new job. While excited to be starting this new chapter of my professional life, I will always be appreciative of the time I spent here working for Stephen and Amy.

I recently created an updated job description to help in the new hire process for my position. When I sent it to Stephen to look over, he asked, “Is this what you thought you were going to do when you started?!”

Well, that’s a good question. I did not know I would learn as much as I have about the ins and outs of the Drupal CMS. I did not know I would do so much SEO work and client consulting, or participate in design and branding discussions.

I didn’t know I would be sampling craft beers for “research” and getting on the mic at a beer festival to announce prize giveaways. I didn't know I'd be singing the National Anthem at a rugby tournament.

And speaking of rugby... If you told me when I started I would be writing commentary on the sport’s rise in popularity and covering matches like a sportswriter, I’d have said you were crazy.

4x3: Creativity & Collaboration

In other words, like all good jobs, working at 4x3 was unpredictable in the best sense. The variety of work I was able to do and the level of trust put in me by Stephen and Amy was both gratifying and enriching. The office environment encourages creativity and collaboration, and getting to work alongside designers was a real bonus. I’ve gained a true “360 degree” perspective on marketing and insights into an entrepreneurial, client-centered approach to doing business that no previous job was able to give me.

So thank you, Sianos, and all the people I’ve worked with at 4x3. It has truly been a great experience and I wish the best success to this awesome little Web design shop as it rockets toward the future.

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