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Historic Odessa Brewfest Content Marketing

Historic Odessa Brewfest Social Campaigns

Even in inclement weather, we always have a great turnout, and that is thanks in part to the pre-sale of tickets that is successfully promoted by 4x3’s social campaigning.

Jennifer Cabell

Historic Odessa Foundation

The annual Odessa Brewfest brings the finest regional and national craft breweries, local gourmet food, artisanal products, distilleries and wineries, live music and art to the beautiful grounds of the 1769 Warner-Wilson house in Odessa, DE.

Regularly-Scheduled Social Campaigns

Intensive summertime promotion of The Brewfest includes ticket specials; photos of past years’ events; periodic newsletters; specific brewery promotions; and a brew-bracket contest that runs for two months, facilitated by online voting and results.

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